Composer // Sound Designer

Sergio is a composer and sound designer based in London. Under the influence of his uncle's heavy metal collection, he joined his first band at 15 years of age. At 18 he began his 4 years as a professional musician culminating in the release of a full length album.

During this time he achieved several accolades including an artist endorsement from ESP Guitars and Laney Amplification, sold-out shows in both UK and mainland Europe, album distribution deal and major festival slots.

In 2016 he gained a place at Goldsmiths University to study Music and pursue an ambition to become a film and video game composer. 

Before graduating in 2019, he joined United Label Games at E3 Los Angeles where his latest musical efforts on the indie game Eldest Souls were being showcased.

Currently creating OSTs and sound effects for independent films and video games. See latest works here